Convert WAV to Mp3

Here are simple and very easy steps to Convert your WAV file formatted movies and music to MP3:
Things you will need:

a. WAV to MP3 converter software or program
b. Hard drive space
c. WAV files y2convert

Step 1
o Find for a program or software that converts WAV files to MP3. There are lots of software and programs, which you could download from the Internet. This software are absolutely free! There is a linked site in the Resource section which will give you a list of free WAV to MP3 converters. Take advantage of them!

Step 2
o Download the program or the software. However, before downloading stuffs in the Internet, ensure that you have anti-virus software running on your computer. If you have it, then you can safely download the WAV converter software.

Step 3
o Read the help section of the page or the site you are downloading the software. This will teach you how to use the software to convert WAV files to MP3. You spent several hours downloading your favorite music, spend just a short time understanding the conversion procedure for more efficient results.

Step 4
o Set up a folder or directory for your MP3 files. These files will occupy a lot more space on your hard disk than the WAV files, so be sure that your computer has enough hard drive space to accommodate the files.

Step 5
o After downloading and setting the software. Restart your computer and then you could now start converting WAV files to MP3. This can be very difficult or very easy depending on the software you’re using. Some are simple just by right clicking on the file desired to be converted and toggling it to “convert to MP3”

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