How To Make A Website In Minutes

Today is the generation of the World Wide Web, where information is presented through the medium of internet via website. Being the most useful tool of web surfing, website doesn’t just create online presence for your organization, but also improves your business image and brand. Moreover, a potential website can be used as a selling tool. It should ingest those successful elements that a Best business selling tool has. A website must pass through the transition of being “Just a Website” to “The Potential Website.”

Transition can be described via major achievements, such as;

  1. Marketable
  2. Usable
  3. Salable


Marketable in a sense, you must dominantly highlight your USP, services, uniqueness and benefits in a website.

Usable in a sense, the layout of the website, navigation, content must be easily understandable and usable, leading “Customer Inquiry” to “Sale” easily. e poe tegemine

Salable in a sense, the prime motive of your website must be to sell itself, to mass viewers or to convert viewers into potential customer, researches to inquiries, inquiries to sales and feedback, etc.

What can you ingest into your website to make it potential enough, to do business online?


  1. Maneuverable & Accessible“, are two main terms defining intensively about usability of a website; therefore creating or updating your website into Web 2.0 specialization helps to meet those needs.
  2. Apply Unique Selling Point through Slogan, appealing content, images etc to your website.
  3. Optimizing your website for search engine friendliness, based on USPs and major services of your business.
  4. Optimization creates viewers and wide presence, therefore extensive use of Web 2.0 elements help a lot to get such results; via RSSSocial BookmarkingOpenId etc.
  5. Use of contact forms, online booking system, and subscription/newsletter sign-up, can help a lot to get feedback from the viewers, which afterward converts viewers into leads, and leads into customers.
  6. Continually revise the content of the website; New and Fresh Ideas.
  7. Include new information and resources for customers to get updated with your business.
  8. Your website must have shop-online experience, in case of E-commerce website.
  9. Use of online blogs, to give into your views, product launch, events, viewer collaboration etc.
  10. Making a website visibly perfect is well off to attract visitors, but making it technically well is potential to attract Search Engines, Search Engine Rankings; which in return will give higher visibility, conversions, and turnovers and so on. Therefore, you must look to comply with W3C too.


Business and website development goes hand to hand; one must reflect other in every possible term. Website tends to achieve those things that business finds hard to initiate it physically. Due to mass usability of web, a business plan and perspective can materialize online quicker, than laying the same offline.


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